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About Safeguard

In recent years Mozambique has seen a gradual growth in various sectors. With the global crisis installed, especially in Western countries, this trend has been accentuated, and there are many investors investing in a potentially viable alternative market.

Undoubtedly associated with this economic development is the sector of private security services, which benefits from an almost inexhaustible source of requests under the existing reality in Africa and specifically in Mozambique. Taking advantage of the favorable winds of all and with our background and the lack of security companies with special & Dedicated services SAFEGUARD, was established in December 2010.

Operational Philosophy

The success of your mission is intricately linked to the proper conduct of its employees. As the area of human resources is essential for the proper performance of the company,it is essential to focus on four key factors, so that they achieve the highest standards for quality and performance you require:

Recruitment and Selection
It must be performed with greater accuracy and professionalism through various tests and interviews. Selection criteria in effect at SAFEGUARD to be directly associated with specific features requested by each customer.
Basic Training and Continuous Training
The quality of training is the foundation of support for the proper performance of all employees. Any training program must meet specific criteria according to each client (financial institutions, diplomatic offices, hotel, industrial, etc.). For this reason, all SAFEGUARD employees with operational functions must attend continuous training sessions once a month, at our training center & ACIPOL (Police academy).
Salaries and Bonuses
SAFEGUARD pays wages above the average of the private security sector and reward all employees who demonstrate a high sense of dedication and professionalism.
Inspection and Supervision
The support and control of all employees in operational factors are extremely important for maintaining the quality standards desired.